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Sustainability Information to Empower Consumers

The importance of providing reliable information has been internationally recognized by Agenda 2030 through target 12.8 of the Sustainable Development Goals. Providing consumers with sustainability information that is clear, reliable, accessible, relevant and transparent is important for avoiding green-washing and stimulating behavior change in consumers towards more sustainable consumption patterns. This session aims to identify challenges and opportunities for policy makers, business and NGOs regarding consumer information and illustrate the importance of reliable and accessible consumer information as a useful tool for encouraging sustainable consumption.

VSS Contribution towards SDGs in India

The ecosystem of Voluntary Sustainability Standards (VSS) has become stronger and so is the role of VSS in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). At present, there are a number of VSS operating in India that address a varied range of issues such as human and labour rights, working conditions, child rights, environmental protection, water, carbon, transparency and disclosures. The session aims to facilitate greater dialogue between different VSS organizations and discuss the relevance of VSS for businesses sustainability in the current crisis situation. The session will explore the contribution of VSS to SDGs and chalk out a roadmap for VSS organisations in strengthening their contribution to SDGs.

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