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Day 2

Sustainability Information to Empower Consumers

Co Host:

The session aims to identify challenges and opportunities for policy makers, business and NGOs regarding consumer information and illustrate the importance of reliable and accessible consumer information as a useful tool for encouraging sustainable consumption.

VSS Contribution towards SDGs in India

Co Host:

The session explores the contribution of VSS to SDGs and chalks out a roadmap for VSS organisations in strengthening their contribution to SDGs.

Sustainable Palm Oil Dialogue India

Co Host:

The session aims to build broader awareness about the subject of sustainable palm oil and the role brands and consumers can play and will further identify specific policy pointers to engage with the government.

Promoting Green and Inclusive Growth to Build Back Better post COVID

Co Host:

The session delves deeper into the top priorities for building back better and deliberate on the collaborations and pathways that need to be established to deliver on these priorities.

Day 3

Driving Sustainability Education & Research for a Resilient Future

Co Host:

The session aims to explore critical factors involved in the sustainability journey of academic institutes and ways for academic institutions to understand and support needs for strengthening business resilience (resource efficiency, circularity, supply chain transparency, risk prevention and mitigation, among others).

Women, Work and Peace

Co Host:

The session looks at the experience and approach of SEWA, focusing on women. Women’s participation and representation has come out as an integral part of the development process.

Partnership for Nutrition

Co Host:

The session on nutrition aims to highlight the existing engagement models/mechanisms on achieving SDG 2 existing across landscapes and their significance and will provide a platform for public and private players to discuss the opportunities and challenges and design the next steps in a post COVID world.

Circular Design in Apparel: Enabling Circular Economy for Business Resilience

Co Host:

The session discusses how design can enable circular transition in products and processes and boost social inclusion. It further aims to explore how policy can play a role in decision-making.